Saint-Junien, a rural holiday resort, is the second largest town in Département of Haute-Vienne. It stands on the Haut-Limousin road, at the intersection of the main routes that links the Alps and the Auvergne to the sea and Paris to the Pyrenees. Gateway town to the “Perigord-Limousin” Regional Country Park, Saint-Junien is proud to belong to the Occitan land and be part of the history of the troubadours.


A Glovers’ centre and town of character

Stretching from the banks of the Vienne to the banks of the Glane, Saint-junien offers some interesting architecture for the visitor to see, first of all, the 12th century Romanesque Collegiate Church. Industrial activity is evident too, with Glovers, tawers, papermakers able to turn their skills to the modern world. The workers’ tradition which made Saint-Junien a powerful symbol of the mutualist, co-operative and union movement today gives the town its proud and dynamic character.

But over and above these few words, this website is designed as an invitation to explore a town which, with the Communauté de Communes Vienne-Glane, it committed to numerous future projects.


A town where life is enjoyable

Saint-Junien has many places where you can relax. The natural site, Corot, along the Glane River is ideal for a hike or for a walk on Sunday, whereas the Vienne River sides offer a quiet rest on the benches. As a member of the Communauté de Commune Vienne Glane, Saint-Junien offers the locals and tourists, state of the art leisure facilities such as the Cultural Centre and the recreational swimming pool. Moreover, many associations make this town even more exciting. Come and experience our dynamic town!